Saturday, February 11, 2012

Balancing visual lines

Photo credit: Poppy NYC

I know this blouse is sold out, but I saw this floating around pinterest, and it is just a really nice example of a simple silhouette that you can easily replicate. I have a blouse like this that I found vintage. Keep your eyes peeled.

Why is she so cute?
  • Pointed/semi-pointed shoes - With wide-legged pants, your shoes can tend to disappear if you wear round toes or ballet flats etc. Go for pointy.
  • The jeans - The model is wearing flares, which look pretty wearable considering her frame. Beware. I am a pear shape with short legs, and flares are hard for me to wear. But a good boot-cut would be beautiful here. Try skinny only if you're comfortable with them already, otherwise as long as they're a very dark wash, this will work. They also aren't crazy low-rise, which would require more of a tunic- length top to be appropriate in most situations.
  • Lace with denim - You already know about pairing a soft texture, like lace, with something tougher, like denim. It makes it looks cooler, and balances what could be too much frilly all at once (ex. tutu skirt + lace top =  toddlers & tiaras). But that's not the only option. Just remember, if you're using something frilly in one part of the outfit, try to balance it with something more streamlined elsewhere.
  • Balancing widths using horizontal lines - Use the lines created by your clothing to your advantage. I have skinny arms, and a boat neck helps me draw the eye upward and visually widening that area (to balance out, ahem, wider parts elsewhere). The hem of the blouse also lands at a great spot - a few inches longer, and it would hit her at the widest part of her hips - creating a visual line where most women don't need one. Any shorter, and it would be a crop top. 
  • Bookending - Consider your hair and skin tone to be part of your outfit. Angie on You Look Fab may have coined this concept, which she calls 'bookending'. Basically, if you have dark hair, you can usually get away with dark shoes. And blondes can wear tan or light.

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