Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Casual Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'd like to introduce a guest post from my fabulous friend Alisa Neymark. She has an eye for the casual cool style, and dressing cute any day of the year. 

Thank you Alisa!

Photo credit: The Fancy Teacup

I dedicate this guest post to Emily, who taught me everything I know about looking feminine and lovely.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don't have a romantic bone in my body (I had them removed - along with a couple of ribs - so I could fit into a smaller size), but I see Emily often enough to pick up some expert tips that I'm happy to pass along to you.  

Why is she so cute?
  • Just enough skin: It's Valentine's day, so you want to be a little sexy.  Jamie, from The Fancy Teacup, is doing it perfectly by highlighting her legs in a full miniskirt and baring her wrists.  3/4 sleeves are the easiest way to sexify a sweater.  Fit matters, too: if you want to show off your legs with a mini, choose one that is full; if you want to spotlight your curves and go skintight, pick a longer hem.
  • Romantic details: The flower print is gorgeous and it's a sophisticated way to reference the holiday without being too twee.  The soft hair and makeup look 'done' but still touchable and natural.  Coral blush and matching lipstick give Jamie that 'I'm in love' glow.
  • Color balance: The coral of the skirt is repeated in the floral print of the sweater and in Jamie's makeup.  Repeating the same color above and below the waist ties the outfit together and makes your choices look intentional.  Similarly, the black toes of the heels echo the background of the sweater and the black clutch.
  • Shoes to die for: I'm obsessed with these heels and for good reason.  Pointy-toe nude heels elongate the leg like no other, but they can get boring.  This cap toe pair keeps things interesting and the dark pointy toe stretches the visual line of the leg even more than a solid nude shoe would by bringing the eye downward.  When shopping for nude heels, make sure the color of the shoe closely matches your skin.

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  1. If those shoes are wedges, I'm going to buy some right now.


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