Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Celebrity to real life: Leather pants week?

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Ok, this is for the boys who requested "boobs" when I asked for blog ideas on Facebook. ;) This is Millie Mackintosh, who is apparently an actress in the UK. (?) Well, whatever, she's lovely, and technically she's a celebrity even tho I've never heard of her. And apparently this week, Alisa and I are obsessed with leather pants. (irony)

But I ran across this on Pinterest, of course, and it's very glam, but I like the idea....

Why is she so cute?

  • One main area of focus - The plunging lace shirt is the complete focus of this outfit. I barely notice that she's wearing leather pants. Everything in this outfit lets that blouse stand out, and doesn't compete or pull it over the edge from sexy to slutty. If she had bright red lipstick, cat eyes, big hair and red pants, it would be really Peg Bundy. But she keeps it toned down with beach hair, glowy 'day' makeup, and simple jewelry (note: no necklace, and possibly no earrings. I think she's only wearing a watch.).
  • Ankle-straps are camouflaged by the pants hem - Ankle straps can be really really awful, visually cutting your leg into a stub and giving you cankles. Not all ankle straps, but thick black leather against a pale skin tone? Ouch. It creates a horizontal line, when we're trying to create a long, lean vertical to look as tall and goddess-like as possible. In a skirt, your leg is the perfect vertical line, so try not to cut it in half. But here, the strap almost disappears underneath the pant leg. Brilliant.
  • Fake-n-bake - Someone hit the tanner - hard. I happen to think it looks great, and definitely adds to the 'beachy' quality. But you wouldn't need that to wear an outfit inspired by this. (Her skin actually kind of matches her hair too. Coincidence? hmm...)   
  • 3/4 length sleeves - I just love them. They're purdy.

How can I wear this?

  • Camisole,  camisole, camisole - Either in your skin tone, or in black, this would rock with a cami. Or you could be daring and go just for a nude or black bra. But, uhm... that's outside my comfort zone. But you could! 
  • Non-leather pants - I think you could mimic this look with almost any black pants. (But please feel free to disagree.) Black skinnies? Black jeans? Even black trousers. It would just tone it down out of the 'starlet' category and make it reasonable. 
  • Simple everywhere else - Definitely wear heels, but keep your makeup, jewelry and hair very simple and natural. Glowy if you know how. I tend to look sweaty when I try for too much shine, but rock the shimmer if you can.

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