Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great hair, great fit

Photo credit: Thrift & Shout

This is Lindsay who has a great blog called Thrift and Shout. The fact that she finds most of her items at goodwill is unreal, but she has a great eye for stylish items that suit her.

Why is She So Cute?
  • Amazing hair - Lindsay has a great hairstyle that is polished and she obviously put a lot of thought into. It is very flattering to her face shape, gives her a signature look, and is stylish without being overly trendy. I am personally guilty of waiting too long between haircuts, and always have a week or so where I wonder why I don't feel as pretty before I remember that it's time to hit the salon. It makes an enormous difference and is worth the money. Even the cutest outfit will look blah with blah hair.
  • Fit - These pieces fit her beautifully. Nothing is pulling, and nothing is sloppy. 
  • Natural waist - I love that she has positioned this pencil skirt so it fits at her natural waist, just under her rib cage. It was out of fashion for a while, with everything needing to be 'low-rise', but I'm glad it's back. It's the smallest part of the torso for most women, and adding a horizontal line here accentuates that. You could get a similar effect with a full or A-line skirt, if a fitted pencil isn't your thing.
  • Sense of adventure - The color pairing, the leopard, the statement necklace - it completely works, but you need to be bold enough to try it. Have some fun, and don't be afraid of trying something that might stand out.


  1. Love this outfit, piece by piece you digest every piece of fashion, I love this style.



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