Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Haterade: Attack of the giant pants

Photo credit: Stockholm Street Style


Why would someone do this to themselves? And she is so cute, but this is ... omg... so awful.... Please click through to Stockholm Street Style to see some action shots. This photo doesn't do justice to the tragic nature of these pants.

"Stop being evil, Emily. You want to fill the world with LOVE, not HATE. Look for the positive..."

Some positives...
  • I would totally wear that jacket, even though my waist would disappear. I really like it.
  • Love the snazzy chain strap neon purse, want to steal it from her. 
  • Super fun color pairing! It feels like flowers and spring and laughing and joy. Love love love.
  • Platform heels (You can see the shoes better in the other pics.) - Yes!!! Make yourself as tall as possible! Giant pants definitely necessitate heels. As far as this concept goes at least, she has the right idea: the bigger the pants, the taller the heels need to be.  Tall model types can get away with pairing wide leg pants with flats; the rest of us need to wear heels to keep the right proportions. And when you wear pants like these... break out the stripper heels.
How cute would this be with LITERALLY ANY OTHER PANTS? (but seriously, skinny jeans in the same blue color? So adorable.)

What if she HAS to wear the pants?
Ok... just for the sake of argument, let's say her grandma made her those pants. And she had no choice but to wear them. Or she made a Faustian deal and this was her alternative to selling her soul. We've all been there. It happens. How could she have done this better?
  1. Ask grandma to hem them properly. Rolled massively-wide leg? Ack. Those don't even count as a cuff - they are clearly hand-rolled.
  2. Wear a tight and/or cropped top or jacket. Balance baby. You do not need to look like you were swallowed by a giant bag. (I can't get over how cute she could/should be.)
  3. Can you think of anything else? Because I can't. Her makeup is great, and so is her bed-head hair. There's just only so much that can be done with pants like that.
Ok, I couldn't help myself. More love tomorrow.



  1. are you questioning why wide leg pants are in again? they were all over nyc during fashion week. it took all my conviction not to laugh out loud at these ladies in soho. terrible trend!!!!!

    oh, her clutch is from zara, winter season. may still be able to find it on sale in the stores.

    1. Hey Anna! You know, in general I kind of like wide-leg pants. I switched to skinnies pretty reluctantly, mostly because I could tuck in boots. (finally! I've been waiting for that trend to come back, love it.) But these are soooooo big they're comical. I know that high-fashion tends to be 'inspirational' rather than 'practical', but sometimes it just makes me laugh. :) And I haven't been to Zara in ages. Nice call! I'm really bad at identifying.


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