Monday, February 13, 2012

How I shop: Part 1 - Planning

Where did you find that?

I get asked this a lot, and the answer is usually RossMarshalls, or Goodwill. They can be a little hard to take if you're not a retail addict like I am. So I wanted to walk through my process. It's going to be a multi-part answer. :) 

  • What is missing in my wardrobe? - When an outfit almost works, but not quite, I go into analysis mode. What would make it work? This outfit would be perfect, if ...x.  If it's a piece that's missing, I try to note it somewhere - usually by sending myself an email from my phone. I also do a lot of analysis when I'm cruising around Pinterest envying all the great outfits. Some items that I've noted in recent months have been:  shrunken black blazer, black jersey sundress, pink or coral skirt or dress, red sweater, oatmeal cable knit, floral blouse, red pencil skirt, brown leather wedge knee boots, leopard blouse, long gray cami... 
  • What trends do I want to try? - Ross is great for experimenting with trends because the prices are so low. Even if I buy something and it turns out to be a disaster, I might only waste $10. Some trends I wanted to try recently were: studded shoulders, neon accents, fur vest, full midi skirt, Sperry's, raglan sleeves, lace blouse, Kate Middleton shimmer nylons...
Just try to get into an exploratory mindset. When you see an outfit that really works, try to figure out Why is she so cute? Every time I watch What Not to Wear, I become obsessed with finding fitted blazers and wrap dresses. Start thinking about what pieces you might want to aim for. You might not find anything even close at Ross, but it's good to start with a goal.

More on how to navigate Ross in the next part. :)


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