Thursday, February 16, 2012

Subtle trends, Vertical lines & Finding YOUR color

Photo credit: Fab Finds Under 50

This is Kimberly, who has a great fashion blog called Fab Finds Under 50. Please go take a look at her site - I read it all the time and get lots of ideas from her. She is really talented at mixing new trends in with her wardrobe staples, and finding great deals, especially at Goodwill (I have serious envy).

Why is she so cute?

Kimberly is doing a lot of things right in this outfit, which caught my eye after a friend tagged it in Pinterest.
  • Pop of color - The pink scarf explodes out of the picture, and brings your attention to her face. This is the focal point, with the rest of her outfit creating a neutral backdrop. It is also her color. I'm sure she looks amazing in more than just this one color, but the point is that it looks simply beautiful with her skin and coloring. I personally always feel prettier when I wear red next to my face. So I have recently been targeting red scarves/necklaces and tops when I'm shopping. Maybe it's not the color of the season, but it is my color. Figure out your color - then put it next to your face and you'll glow.
  • Subtle trends - She has mixed a few very on trend pieces into this outfit, such as the over-sized gold watch and the knee boots. You almost don't see them immediately, but she looks very current because they are included.
  • Knee boots over skinnies - These boots add a lot to this outfit - a subtle wedge adds height and interest, the suede adds texture, and the slight contrast in color against her jeans breaks up the line of her jeans and balances out all of the bright elements she has above the waist. And the black color is repeated in the accent trim on the jacket, which ties the outfit together.
  • Vertical Line - If you blur your eyes a bit, you can see that this outfit contains tons of vertical lines. The lines draw your eyes upward and make you appear taller. Kimberly is rocking this trick, and she has no horizontal lines cutting her at awkward spots either. She simply looks great.

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