Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jennifer Hudson can rock a mini

Jennifer Hudson might be making quite a few appearances on here, because I can't get over how beautiful she is. And I know that she recently lost a lot of weight, but she has ALWAYS looked great. I admire her a ton, and I really really like her style.

Why is she so cute?
This is a fun, spring-y outfit that is playful and fun, but still totally put together. And she balances out the cutesy with neutral make-up, and "un-done" hair (which I'm sure still took a lot of time...).
  • Repeated accent color - The bright blue statement necklace just explodes right out at you, and Jennifer repeats the color in her peep-toe bow platforms. So cute.
  • Knife pleat mini - This skirt is way shorter than I would probably wear, but Miss Hollywood here looks amazing in it. I have been seeing knife pleats mostly in the form of midi skirts recently, but I love that this skirt incorporates that trend into something that is really flattering to Jennifer. Look at those legs! Miles long! And the beige color looks amazing against her skin.
  • Thin ankle strap - Ankle strap shoes can be a really disastrous end to an otherwise great outfit, because that horizontal line can be eeeeevil. But if it's really thin strap like this one, it can give you that mary-jane look (and keep your shoes from flying off) without completely stumpifying your legs. 
  • Natural waist - I like natural waists, it's no secret. I think it really adds to the girly quality of this whole look. If she were untucked, the look would be much more casual. It could still look cute, but the length of the top would be really important with a skirt this short. 
How can I wear that?
This outfit should be pretty easy to replicate. You probably already have a fitted white tee that you like, and I added some items below in case you're in a shopping mood. You definitely wouldn't need to make it as cutesy, if for example you already have blue heels without a bow. Go for it. I think a beige skirt would also work, but I love the yellow-blue color pairing. I couldn't find any skirt that combined being and yellow quite like hers does, but I did find several really adorable skirts in yellow and a ton of amazing blue statement necklaces. And I have an acute physical need for those Betsey Johnson pumps. 

Thank you!!
Photo credit: People

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