Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nicole Richie pushes the limits in pink

I don't know about this one. I generally really like Nicole Richie's style, but... hmmm. From some angles, this is a 'win'. But from others, not so much. So, I'm discussing both sides today.

Why is she so cute?
  • Colors are great on her - The powder pink palette she's using in her clothes and makeup are really pretty with her hair and skin tone. And the strong eyeliner is a really nice balance to the soft colors.
  • Rockin hair - Trendy bangs - check. Goldie Hawn glow - check. Cut just different enough to be new - check.
  • Nude heels - Pretty much always going to work. They not only make her legs look longer, but they are the same tone as the pink. This helps create a monochromatic look without wearing the exact same color head to toe.
  • Blazer fit & length - The blazer is a bit of a Golden Girls nod, which I kind of love. But the lapels are nice, it fits her well at the shoulders, it's the right length on her arms, and I like the hem length. Especially with leggings. Longer is trendy while offering some rear-end coverage - classy. And the boxy blazer balances out the skinny leggings nicely.
  • Gold minaudiere clutch - Entirely impractical, completely fabulous.

What could be better?
  • Patterned leggings? - This isn't my favorite style, but I can kind of see why people like them. But why are they only patterned on the front half? To protect innocent chairs from the danger of ass-mounted sequins? I don't get it, and I definitely don't like it. Beige or pale gray skinnies would markedly improve my opinion of this outfit. But sharing the pattern with her backside would help a lot.
  • The Giant V - Does anyone else notice what her jacket is doing in the crotchal area? Double-breasted jackets can be hard to wear because they trap you in a cocoon of fabric and don't let any of your female-ness escape from the depths. So, my guess is that the designer took some liberties and chopped away some fabric... to reveal... the goods. It's possible that the way she's standing is accentuating this as well.
What do you think? Will you tell me I'm wrong and that I need to wear one-sided patterned leggings right now? I'll listen politely, then may tell you to stuff it in your minaudiere.  ;) 


Photo credit: Pop Sugar


  1. OMG, those leggings you list are $210??~?~? WTF? I'm sorry, but no knit fabric should cost more than, oh, $20. I don't care if every designed known to man help hand stitch them. $20.

    I'm not at all about Ritchie's look. None of it works for me, because it's just too formal. Leggings aren't formal. Ever. That might be my very strong opinion, but I stick by it.

    1. Lol! The other Aztec pair I listed were cheaper, but they're sold out I guess. I like those snake print ones the best tho. :) And I must admit, I did buy a $70 pair of leggings recently. But they have magic "shaping" qualitites. :) The price has gone down I guess. They're even more casual than this, but I love them.

  2. I like the patterned leggings. They add a playful tone to the outfit. But if they were patterned on the back I think they would look a lot less classy.

    1. Hi Olga! I like the pattern too, it's fun. But I am concerned about what pastel pink leggings would look like in the back... ;) Might be see-through.


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