Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playful in pink

Photo credit: Chictopia via Pinterest

I couldn't find a girly, fun, romantic outfit to analyze for Valentine's Day, so Alisa filled in. But here's one. It is adorable, but so playful and cutesy that it almost borders on costume. But I like it, and she's working with some solid concepts here.

Why is she so cute?

  • Fun! - This is a totally playful outfit, and she's intentionally amping up the cute factor. She is wearing a pink bowler hat! Nuff said. But her eyeliner and hair obviously took effort, and they completely play up the fun factor. I also love the vintage inspired accessories she is wearing, including gingham peep toe contrast heels, celtic(ish) knotted belt, and earrings. (those shoes could also be polka-dotted, my eyes are failing me in my advancing years...) Everything points to and exaggerates 'girly'. 
  • Color tone matching - I'm probably using the wrong term, and wouldn't even know where to look it up. But on first glance, I thought her belt, hat and skirt were all powder pink. Not so! Actually that skirt is tan, and the belt is white. (I think it's the shadows playing tricks on me.) But the colors of the skirt and hat are very similar, and have the same depth, even if they are slightly different. They 'go'.
  • The hose! - I'm so blown away by this, because I didn't realize how well they worked into the outfit until I started writing this post. It's been so long since anyone seriously wore sheer nylons, that it's new again. (I worship you, Kate Middleton.) Can you see what her nylons are doing??? They are sheer and they partially show her skin, which matches the tan/pink tone! And they also partially show black or navy (can't tell), which matches her blouse! Opaque wouldn't have that same effect, and neither would bare. Awesome. I am determined to make that work in an outfit soon.
Side note on hair:

How long do you spend on your hair? Because I know bouncy, curling-ironed hair like this takes a lot of time. I want cute hair like that! But I just... can't... spend... that... much... time... on my hair... ever. I get bored and my arms get tired! 

Here's an anecdote to prove my point - I was at a salon getting my hair cut in Portland before my brother's wedding this summer, and one of the stylists came in and did her own hair at the mirror next to me. (I think a friend of hers had cut and washed it, then she was styling/drying it herself) I was in that chair for at least 90 minutes, and she almost matched me... painstakingly blowdrying, then curling, THEN flatironing strategically. And she had chin-length hair. (translation: much much shorter than mine) I asked her if she seriously does that every day... and yep. I guess she has to have great hair if she's a stylist. But wow... 

Getting bangs helped me cut down on a lot of prep time, since I leave my hair naturally wavy most of the time and just style my bangs every day. But still. Where are my Zooey Deschanel curls? Sigh...want.


  1. Those are totally polka dots on her shoes! Adorable!


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