Monday, March 5, 2012

Summer Maxis & Wedge Sandals

What shoes do I wear with a Maxi dress?
I was asked by my friend Jamie for some tips on what shoes to wear with a maxi dress. And lo and behold, she doesn't even own a maxi dress yet. So I picked out a few dresses that I like, and then picked out some fun shoes that I think would go well with them. Let me know what you think. You can click on any of the items below to purchase.

Jamie lives in sunny Orange County, California, so she luckily doesn't need to worry about winter weather. Not to mention we're having unseasonably warm weather right now on the west coast, so I know I'm in a summer mindset already. But Jamie is a mom on the go, and needs something cute that she can walk in. My advice: wedge sandals. Dressy flat sandals could also work, but if you're short, wide or hippy at all (as so many of us are...), try to give yourself a little help by increasing your vertical. Or if you need proof, try it on with both types of shoe, and see which one makes you look slimmer. Trust me.

Just make sure to get really comfortable wedges, or you won't wear them. But fortunately the retail gods have smiled upon us, and lines like Aerosoles and Dr. Scholls actually have some really really cute options. I included some of those below, as well as some sky-high crazy shoes for the more daring. :)

Old Navy Floral Sundress
Old Navy has some seriously cute Hawaiian prints in stock right now, but this dress is by far my favorite. The pattern is bold and pretty, but not overpowering, and you don't look like you just got off a cruise ship. But more to the point, the shape of the dress is really flattering. The straps are wide enough that you could wear a bra underneath, and the V-neck and shirred elastic waist are very figure flattering. You could dress this up or down, depending on what shoes you want to pair with it. The floral pattern offers a bunch of complementary colors to choose from, but metallics match just about anything. I think you could also get away with black, chunky wedge with this dress as well, to give it more of an urban feel. My favorite are probably the ankle strap Bandolino's with the cork wedge and the beige rosette. But I kind of die for the orange Chinese Laundry's...

Yasmeen Vertical Print Maxi
This next dress is a little lower cut, but it would look great with a cami or tank underneath. Something like a wife-beater to dress it down, or something lacy to dress it up. This also has a V-neck, but with a banded waist, which gives the effect of a belt, drawing attention to the slimmest part of your torso. The vertical/horizontal play of the stripes helps that effect as well. I also like that the pattern is interesting and on trend, but not over the top. Sometimes I will fall in love with a dress that is a complete "wow", but then I won't feel comfortable wearing it all the time because it's too bold. A dress like this could be in your closet for years, and I think you'd get a lot of versatility out of it. I like it with brown leather shoes, but there are a lot of options. I also die over the strappy Vince Camuto's at the top right. Want want want. Only size left as of posting is a 10, but I'm sure they're at another store... (hope)

Merona Black Ruffle Front Dress
A simple, flattering, black maxi would be a great starter piece if you haven't ever worn maxis before. I also think that buying one from Target is a good idea, because then if it doesn't work out, at least you haven't dropped a ton of cash. But this is a really cute dress, and comes in lots of colors. I like the ruffle detail, and the surplice top and banded waist. Any bra would work under this dress. The only danger with this dress is that it's a solid jersey knit which can show VPL and bumps more than a woven fabric or a print. Just be careful to wear the appropriate undergarments and/or a slip. But think of the poetic license that black gives you! Color! Fun! Patterns! The red/pink Artist Deco shoes from Mod Cloth (top right) aren't even really sandals, but look how much fun they are! What will you wear crazy statement shoes with? A little black dress, that's right. I think my faves are the gingham Ralph Lauren's at the bottom - amazing, totally wearable, and very Kate Middleton. :)

Mia One-Shoulder Tribal Print Dress
I think this is my favorite dress, tho I do understand that not everyone will be comfortable wearing a one-shoulder. But look how sexy it is! And playful, and day-appropriate. It's in a fun on-trend pattern, that I think I would wear all the time. Because this dress is so vibrant, I would definitely choose a light neutral shoe, like beige, gold or gray. Tho the brown leather would also look really cute. (With a wide brown belt? Yes please!) The Andrew Geller's (bottom right), or the Aerosoles (middle right) look like the most comfortable, but don't discount Charlotte Russe (top left). I bought an almost identical pair a few years ago, and I love them and wear them all the time. But if that wedge is too high for you, they have lots of other options.

Let me know what you think! I may have taken too long to post this, so some of the items might not be available anymore. I'll be quicker in the future. :) I'm going to go see if those Vince Camuto's are available in a 9 anywhere....


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