Friday, April 20, 2012

Kirsten Dunst in a striped tee and full skirt

Hi there! I'm not dead. Just got busy... :) also sick. But all better! New goal of one post per week.
This is also my first post from my new iPad, so we shall see... Here you go!


Photo credit: Sterling style

Kirsten Dunst has her moments. I don't love everything she wears, but she definitely has the knack of looking put together even when she's running errands. I like this outfit a lot because I happen to be obsessed with bateau stripe tops right now, and this outfit gives a nod in that direction, without looking as "sailor" as they usually do.

Why is she so cute?

  • Not too casual - Everything she is wearing is easy and comfortable, but nothing is sloppy, and she also added in details that take it up a notch. The shiny sandals are walkable flats, but definitely not $2 flip flops from Rite aid. And her leather bag is totally functional, but adds in a little bad-assitude. Imagine if she had a bag that were pink and frilly. If would definitely not be the same look.
  • Not grubby - Everything fits her nicely, and is crisp and new. One problem with casual clothing is that it tends to get worn out, or nicer items get relegated to the casual pile when they lose some of the shine. But if you can try to keep your casual clothing crisp, you'll look more put together even when you're in your sweats.
  • Flirty full skirt - Why are so many of my gorgeous female friends afraid of full skirts? I don't get it. They're very flattering, they tend to fit more body types, they don't pull in conspicuous places, and they are really really comfortable! The only problem I have with full skirts is on windy days.... Ahem. I have more than once wished longingly that the "bike shorts under skirt" trend from the 90s would come back... But I found a fitted slip that solves that particular worry for me. And in San Francisco, I'm almost always wearing tights or leggings anyways. But these are so fun! And they create such a pretty 50s silhouette. I understand that full skirts can be overwhelming if you don't watch the hem line. Above the knee is probably the best length for most women, and it's a really easy alteration if you're a shortie. (YOU could do this yourself) If you can't find a skirt that you like, you might also try wearing a sweater or tee over a dress with a full or flared skirt.
  • Boat neck, 3/4 sleeve top - Go buy one now. Love love love love. The stripes are adorable, and make you look like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Love love love.
Thank you to everyone for harassing me to start posting again. You're great. :)





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