Monday, August 27, 2012

Olive sweater, pink floral skirt

My Closet Saga - The Olive Sweater, part 1:
So here's what happened...
I bought this sweater on mega-super-amazing-sale from J.Crew, in just about every color. Yes, including the electric yellow you see here. And then I freaked when it arrived and was even more yellow than I could have believed. So instead of trying to make it work somehow, or return it like a sane person.... I tried to dye it black. Unsuccessfully. Maybe I should have used two boxes? Not sure of what happened exactly, but I ended up with a delightful olive color, a little splotchy in parts, but I actually like it.
Then I went on pinterest to see if I could find anything inspiring to pair it with. And ta da!
The Inspiration:

She even has brown hair and bangs like I do! I hate the shoes, but I have a pink floral skirt that I made out of an old curtain from my mom's rag bag. And she's wearing black tights! I LIVE in black tights. This is fate.

So, after a little experimentation, I came up with...

My Outfit:
Olive sweater, pink floral skirt
Everything in this outfit is the closest match I could find for pieces I already had in my closet - except the purse. That is a new acquisition. I just bought this exact Michael Kors bag. And it's beautiful. And I think it will even fit my laptop, we shall see.
Anyways, let's see what went on here.
  • Olive green with pink/floral - The color pairing is fresh, very now, looks spring-y.
  • Heavy sweater with short, poofy skirt - Has a girlish, playful quality, and the skirt takes this heavy sweater out of the winter.
  • Girly hair helps - I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to try this with a different hairstyle, and not just because I was copying the inspiration pic. But an on-trend hairstyle helps me feel more with it, in just about everything.
  • Black tights balanced with black cropped military jacket - In the inspiration pic, she balances the black tights with a black bag, and her shoes (kind of) go with her skirt. But I absolutely cannot plan an outfit without thinking about what kind of jacket to wear, because I'm constantly walking around San Francisco freezing. The jacket I have is INC from Macy's which I bought a few years ago on a whim while hanging out at the mall, waiting for my car to be repaired. I wear it all the time, so it was a lucky little breakdown I guess. ;) And it's a stretchy material, kind of sweatshirt-y, so it's actually comfortable.
  • Warm brown leather shoes and bag - I have a pair of Nine West heels with a round capped toe, and a deco-type ankle strap that I have probably had for 8 years or more. I couldn't find a picture of anything even close, so just try to imagine these without the mega-platform. But, the warm, reddish tone kind of ties into the colors in the skirt, and matches my fabulous new purse, not to mention tones of my hair.
How successful was the oufit?
That is somewhat debatable. I'm not the same size as the girl in my inspiration pic, and so the sweater doesn't hang in quite the same way.... I can tend to feel dumpy in that particular cut of cotton cable sweater. But overall, I liked it, and I'll definitely wear it again. And the combination of the olive green and the pink floral is going to make another appearance here shortly. Stay tuned. Would love your thoughts. :)


Friday, August 24, 2012

My Closet Saga

I may have overestimated the amount of effort it would take to rock a fashion blog. :) But I haven't disappeared. And I wanted to let you know what I've been up to.

My Closet Saga
Sooooo.... I recently moved in with my boyfriend, which has been a wonderful experience so far. Buuuuut..... during this process, I discovered that the size of my previous closet was not exactly compatible with another person....  At least not in a one-bedroom in San Francisco. And also that I suck at getting rid of anything....

Well, I had a little challenge on my hands.

Step 1: Do not buy anything else. For a while.
This has actually been a decent success. Black and white rules work fairly well for me. It's not exactly a workable solution forever, but for now... I have plenty to work with already. Not to mention saving money in the middle of the move was kind of necessary.

Step 2: Stop constanting reading fashion blogs and magazines
I was really feeling the pull to consume consume consume, and it kind of freaked me out. But I do love fashion, so this only worked for a while. But I'm really trying to keep it in check. Just because leopard slipper loafers are on trend right now, does not mean I'm losing the fashion race because I don't have a pair. Gotta chill.

Step 3: Replace crap with quality
I tend to buy based on price, but have been actually purchasing a few items that are really nice quality. For example, I noticed that I was only using one purse. Why? Because it had a top zipper, was big enough to fit a book, and had a single, long shoulder strap. The one I was using was $20 from Ross and falling apart... So I let myself buy a nice one with the same characteristics. And lo and behold, I use it EVERY DAY. I had to face the bitter reality that I no longer need flashy "clubbing" purses in a variety of colors to match my sequin tube tops.... those are now heading to Goodwill. Same story with ballet flats vs. strappy stilettos. That just isn't my life right now. (sob! pour out a little 40 for my lost party days)

Step 4: Shop my closet, and keep track of the best outfits
Use pieces that I already have, get creative, and try to remember my favorite outfits. I am awful at this. I really actually need a memory aide for my own clothes. Sorta sad.... So that's what I've been doing. And I wanted to post about that here.

Enter... the Polyvore virtual closet
Polyvore is an online "collage" site, where you can tag items you like and build "sets" by using images and products. Which are essentially collages. And you can explore sets created by other people. It's main function is as a shopping site, directing internet traffic to retailers, but I've been using Polyvore to build a "virtual" closet. I find pictures of items I actually own, or find a really close match. Then I use those pictures to build outfits. Might sound weird, but I like it. (I did try simply taking pictures of the actual outfits on me, but nothing looked right. I am not a photographer, unfortunately. So this is the alternative.) Be forewarned if you start exploring Polyvore - there are a lot of Twilight themes.... but there are a lot of creative, stylish posts too.

Anyhoo... things have mostly settled down after the move, so look for some posts to come of my actual outfits... I may try to post inspiration pics too if I can. **

xoxo ~emily

** You might have noticed that ACTUALLY just getting rid of clothing isn't listed here. It's too hard. I'm working on that part still. Replacement, and tossing a few things here and there is how I can deal...